@roo00oor anyone who want's, is able to get a refund. It has been stated that beta hours don't count and steam refund policy of 2 hours(?) kicks in only after release. They also started that if there are any problems with refunds, people should contact NWI.

I haven't heard that this policy would've been changed at any stage.

So contact the devs or a community manager etc. if you can't get a refund.

@roo00oor nah, I think it is fine. Some adjustments needed though definitely. But I trust the devs with this, as they have had with their previous games. You can always refund if you want, you don't seem to have much constructive criticism anyways. Wish you well though. I would agree with the spawn camping part if you mean the attackers are being spawn camped. But you can't go further than 10 m in front of your objective as defenders, so I'm not sure which map you are even referring to.

this game is garbage.

back to Insurgency.

This was such a big disappointment.

NWI had the chance to really improve on what was my favorite FPS.

too bad they dropped the ball for us.

@io543 We were attacking and the defenders were at least 70 meters beyond the objective, picking us off coming out of spawn, and they were calling artillery in on us. It was a joke. It is happening.
Yall enjoy.


@roo00oor You have obviously not seen the original in it's beta or alpha stages haha. Have fun 🙂 I'm glad to know one less toxic person will be in the next game.

I have to agree that push is not fun at all now.
Maps are too complex, the objectives are too far apart with too many hideouts in between. Adding more players would probably only make it worse in terms of chaos.

Everyone in your team goes their own way, and it's a miracle if you end up in the objective with 2 or more teammates. Attacking atleast.

Part of the problem is that maps aren't that known yet, but the learning curve is steap, since you cant pick a map, games are short and the maps are COMPLEX.

I sure hope you guys know what you are doing there NWI. I've played like 1400h of push in the original, but this just ain't fun.

@Roo00OOR The game is still in beta. The devs have done a good job so far on improving the game. Every patch that drops, the game is slowly becoming closer to the OG game. The devs listen. They ended up in the wrong place, but they are making turns to get closer to what we want. Even though the game's release is soon, they will continue to make changes and surely soon enough, we'll all be playing what we expected.

I must say, I play push a lot (because it's easier to find a full lobby compared to firefight). But I dislike push, it's too chaotic, players RPG and 40mm grenade launcher spam and some maps aren't balanced if the other team is semi coordinated / know what they are doing. Most of the time you basically have to just sprint through smoke spam hoping you make it through the tough unfair defensive positions the other team have when defending. On those very tough objective offenses, most times your team has no commander/observer so you can't use the smoke mortar which is really the only way to get through those positions if the enemy team slightly knows how to play the map.

A push change I'd like to see is that the attackers CAN NOT move forward to the next objective until some time has passed. This gives time for the defenders to fall back, just like how it was in BF:Bad Company. The 'out-of-bounds' area needs to be marked on the map also. If you're outside the bounds, there needs to be a death timer, so you can't run around the outside of the map, flank all the way around to where the last 'D' point is and just blow it up instantly as soon as 'C' gets taken.

Right now players just sprint to the next objective and start capping it before the defenders are even on site. The casual players will take up positions 'around' and far away from the objective thinking that the other team couldn't possible be already close to the objective, but they usually are because they just rush it.

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In the current state push is closer to rising storm vietnam, than insurgency push. It's really hard to say what its gonna be with community servers and air support toned down / turned off, but now its just a big mess.

There are times and rounds when your team manages to play the objective, but there are just too many corners, notches and windows to sit and wait, it takes the fast pace out of most of the maps.

The problem is that people have the option to either go straight from the spawn to do "special" missions or for the actual objective, and as the objective sounds hard, people take the other route and start their own war in means of waiting on the outskirts for someone to walk in their sights.

There should be serious consideration to actually limit the area attacking team can move, as there are places there is no reason for players to go, while completing the mission.

It's not the game's fault people dont give a shit, the same problem was with ins, the only difference is that one guy with explosives could clear any objective alone.

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Today's patch moved a bunch of points around on one of the new maps, mostly for the better. Attackers are still at a severe disadvantage though and always will be.

Not that I want to corrupt this thread into yet another TTK argument but this has a lot to do with nerfs to armor. Moving is just too difficult with 1-2 shot kills from practically any weapon. Attackers are forced into rocket spam and other such degeneracy just to get a few inches of ground.

It might help if attackers spawned faster and/or had 1-2 more waves per objective. Also I see no reason why firesupport options shouldn't all be immediately available for the attacking force since they initiated the combat and ought to have gotten these things in order ahead of time.

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I agree with some sort of defense timer to improve Push games. But because unlike BF games, restricted zones do not kill you in 10 seconds in Insurgency, aggressive attackers can still rush to the next objective or wait on it.

One way is to make dead defenders spawn inside/nearby the next objective, the moment the previous objective is captured instead of their spawn point. This will ensure defenders can always reach their objectives first.

1: Delayed lifting of attackers restricted zone, in order to discourage a rush from A to B. Give it 15 or 10 seconds before it lifts. The same time it takes for new defender restricted zones to start.

2: If A is lost, defenders spawn at B or near it instead of their usual spawn location. Subsequent spawns are their usual location. If they lose B, then they spawn at C or near it.