First issue
After last patch hitreg (or call it however you want) is way off to the point I can't enjoy playing anymore.
It's most felt with sniper rifles but all weapons are affected really.

Almost 50% of the times even a headshot is not killing the enemy even after seeing the blood splatter|
(I need like 2 or 3 headshots when this happens). Sometimes I need 5 sniper shots to a guy center mass
to kill him (with or without armor).

Also a new thing for me (after the patch) is that a guy is killing me even though he was shooting
in a completely other direction.

In local play I don't have any of these issues, so it is something with the netcode I assume. NOT TTK!

Second Issue
Also after the last patch loading assets is not working properly.
In the beginning of a match it takes for the first person guns and third person players / bots for ever to load.
It's actually so bad that even 5 minutes after the match begins some assets still won't load and I see guns running
in the air (player / bot didn't load). I had a few times I git shot and die from an invisible bot.

Same is with sounds, it happens very frequently after the last patch that some gun sounds won't load.
Can be my gun, teammates guns or enemies guns sounds.

Another sound problem is the truck MG that sound from the truck original position even if the truck moved.

Generally in MP the mouse feels heavier than in local play.
I don't really have fps problems or stutter (sometimes but it's rare) it just feels heavy if you know what I mean.

Third issue
When in ADS switch side arm / main gun won't work, in a hectic fight it's kind of annoying
you can't quickly switch to side arm if you are ADS (died a few times because of this).

Fourth issue (well not really an issue)
Game feels less like insurgency than insurgency and more like counter strike or something.
everyone running around like crazy 😕

Now don't get me wrong I enjoy the game ALLOT, for me it's gotty for sure
but atm after the last patch it's kind of broken and I wish it was a bit more tactical like the old insurgency.

Other than that, great job guys, really!

Region: Middle East. I play in Europe servers with 80 ping on average (would be really nice to have middle east servers:)
Intel Core I7 4790
16 gb ram
nVidia gtx 980 latest drivers
Windows 7 sp 1 64 bit
Internet: 40Mbit download / 3Mbit upload

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