Double-Tapping Prone Key Kicks You Out Of Prone Instantly


If you press your prone key twice (mine is Z by default) you drop prone and then immediately stand up. NWI, plz add a delay where you can't choose to leave prone without actually being lying down already? This bug definitely wasn't in the game before the Sept. 6th patch, considering my prone key is my go-to panic button. I'm guessing it got broken during the prone tweaks to reduce the speed of the movement and animation.

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Yes, this should be fixed. Yesterday when I was playing a funny thing happened: I was trying to get prone for like 3 seconds just in front of an enemy shooting me, and I couldn't because I hastily bashed the button multiple times and my character kept dancing around. That's really frustrating.

Hope this gets fixed soon. Fed up trying to body-board the choppy tarmac.

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