So I posted a couple weeks ago about the 'locked to spectator' bug which a bunch of people were experiencing. To fix it, the devs just increased the auto time-out time. This is a classic example, in my eyes, of a development attitude that simply isn't professional - fix the root of the problem, and then you won't have issues in the future, like you have now. So we no longer get locked to spectator, but we still have to suffer with massive wait times, so much so that the first round has always begun by the time many players load in! In some game modes, this is hilarious, and the first round of Firefight will often be a 3 v 3 or similar. (So, it's the majority of players experiencing this).

In addition, once I load in, some assets take ages to actually render. My gun doesn't appear for at least 30s, my scope takes another 30s, players are running around without heads or legs and the textures all look awful until about 2 minutes in. And yes, I have verified game cache, and then done a full reinstall, and played with the settings for ages (I'm running a GTX1060 (overclocked a fair bit), i5 6500, 16gb ram, not a shitty machine). None of this helps. So i have to spectate the first round because the load-in time took forever, and then I can't play the second round properly because I can't actually see my gun!

In addition, since the last patch, I've had huge frame drops every few seconds. These often manifest themselves as the game freezing up entirely for as long as 1 or 2 seconds. this occurs every 5 ish seconds. So now it's totally unplayable.

I said this before, I know the game is beta, but isn't it supposed to release next week? Because right now this looks and plays like a game that needs another 2 years of development. The original was sleek, fluid, and fun. This one is just a mess.

I was impressed when the issue I raised was quickly patched the other day. I hope the devs can take this post into account also.

If you experience any of these issues too, it helps to reply. This way, there is more chance of the devs seeing these issues and taking effective action.