After Release, please add a one life mode.

If you plan on adding Ambush to the game, then here are my suggestions.
Instead of VIP

  1. A player, on the offensive team, must grab briefcase at the spawn point.
  2. The offensive player, with the "briefcase," must extract it to one of the two extraction points on the defensive side of the map to win the round.
  3. If Offensive player dies with the briefcase, the briefcase will drop to the ground.
    4)An offensive player can recover/pick up the briefcase and proceed to one of the two extraction points.
  4. A defensive player/team can win a round by opening briefcase.
  5. The offensive or defensive team can win the round by eliminating all enemy players.
  6. Best out of 7 and switch sides after 3 rounds.
  7. Switch Sides, not factions. -Players who were initially on their respective factions(Security or INS) will remain so until the end of the map even after the switch sides. Switch sides only refers to defensive or offense side of map, not factions.
  8. 5 min rounds
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Sounds interesting, although I wonder if it won't just become very rush or camp focused rather than a healthy mix.

I'd settle for a copy of CSGO hostage maps. Especially Insertion where the attackers can teleport to north/south/east/west side of the map from spawn, making the game play very dynamic.

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Camping is apart of the game in these type of one life modes. I don't want to 'dumb' it down. You don't have to play it.

@johnrose554452 I'd also love to see "elimination" game mode come back (it was essentially a search and destroy one cache mission). However, the last game had so much balance issues, nobody played it. If it had more balanced maps, I'd love to play that.

Elimination was stupid. The objectives were hard to destroy and it wouldn't work half of the time. It was not your typical search and destroy gamemode. Should have just copied Cods search and destroy.

That just sounds like capture the flag. Why not stick with a VIP? I want an excuse to use a pistol.

@cyoce How many hours do you have in the first game? Did you play in Ambush only servers, and if so, how frequently?

@johnrose554452 Why is that relevant?

And to answer your question, I have 639 hours in Insurgency and I've spent at least 50 of those on Ambush

The VIP gametype was fun but i could never do it for hours on end, and i'm not a fan of one life gametypes unless it's a round based gladiator free for all.

A briefcase carrying gamemode would not be popular as one guy has to stay well defended and has to carry a item which would stop you from using firearms; unless the briefcase was more of an item you pick-up and are free to use items like Team Fortress 2's CTF mode in which each team has a briefcase as a flag and once yours has been picked up a pointer arrow will point in the direction of the enemy holding it, you score a point by taking the briefcase to your own in its spawn location, if you die while carrying the briefcase it's dropped on the floor were it will sit for 30s - 1m; after which it would despawn and relocate in its starting position, and while the briefcase is on the floor any member of the opposing force can pick it up, scoring a point by capturing and handing in the briefcase respawns all dead players.

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