Opinion on post-patch TTK.

I've just played a couple of hours and tried different weapons against my opponents.

What I liked:

  1. a FAL can finally kill someone because of the TTK lowered to 2 hits. That's perfectly fine.
  2. movement speed seems kinda lowered by just 10-15% and that's good, too.
  3. SVD and MK.14 take 2 hits to kill an armoured target and 1 hit for an unarmoured target. Somehow after I modded my SVD with a long barrel I started killing anyone in just 1 shot. Maybe that's just them being wounded or having no armour, I don't know. IMO, SVD and MK.14 should one-shot people from a distance of 15 metres and take 2 shots to kill at higher distance.

What I didn't like:

  1. auto-fire recoil is still too low. The best tactic to win almost every fight now is to spray your enemy no matter how far away he is. This even works with snipers some time. Recoil needs to be increased.
  2. this is mainly fixed, but occasionally a character cannot vault over a wall/window while sprinting.
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@seven-forty SVD should already one-shot to the torso.

@marksmanmax said in Opinion on post-patch TTK.:

@seven-forty SVD should already one-shot to the torso.

Well it didn't.

@seven-forty It should though. I'm like, 99% certain the SVD's 7.62x54r one-shots Heavy Armor like the Mosin does. If it doesn't it's horribly unbalanced versus the M14 EBR or even just the Mosin.

@marksmanmax idk if it should or should not one-shot anyone, but it did not. It wasn't even a huge problem for me as I was mainly flanking using a suppressor and tapping quickly enough to kill anyone. It was even useful in a rather close quarters battle when directly confronting enemy on Farmhouse's hills. I've got a KDR of 6.5 that match.

@seven-forty I swear the SVD Dragonov one-shots center mass, though. I'm currently at college so I can't test this at the moment lmao.

@seven-forty I'd say it's a poor shot but the SVD probably also one-shots the upper arm and upper leg, so honestly I have no clue. Hitreg is mostly fixed but there's some issues here and there.

@marksmanmax have you tried it against heavy armour?

@seven-forty I swear it was a guaranteed one-hit in my CTA days. I've had it utterly fail on armored targets in the Beta but that's back when the hitreg was completely fucked up.

@marksmanmax Alpha was really different in the way of shooting and TTK than Beta. IMO, it was better than now, at least in the last days of Alpha after the update.