!New Trucks!

Hi everyone! last week i wanted to install a map and i found something very interesting when i open the game file folder i found sounds for 3 new vehicles the vehicles are:
-Maz 6317 (6 wheeled truck probably it will be C class)
-MZKT 7429 (from what i found this is 8 wheeled truck probably another E class)
-Luaz 969M (amphibious light truck probably it will be A class because it is like jeep)
If you want to hear the sounds it is located in Media.zip WinRar file and the folder is X-dlc

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MAZ 6317 looks like a regular truck, nothing special.
MZKT 7429, quite an interesting possibility of transporting vehicles (heavy equipment like bulldozers?)
Luaz - if it can swim it's great, if not, it does not make any sense.

Eh, work on the game is so slow that the whole situation more and more reminds me oovee... X(

@knight25 now they work on working mirrors which because of the position is very difficult and also multiplayer sync which is very cool but for guys like me who finished the game on casual and on hardcore it's not making any sence to play it anymore now it just sitting on my desktop (oh and also they are working on workshop maps which will take some time) lastly with all of that in mind i think that at the final stage we will have awesome game 🙂

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Pretty bad we got to get info on new vehicles from the community because the devs wont give any