Long term insurgency player: I don't feel like "returning home". Why?

So I ve played a quadrillion hours Insurgency. Had my times where I just sucked, had my times where I clutched 4vs1. Anyway, what I am getting at is: My name was known on our server and I "felt the game" without thinking.

Now I was very eager to see the new Insurgency: Sandstorm, and I want to be honest: It does not feel like the old Insurgency to me. I do not know why, but movement speed, slow reload animations, the way the game responds to mouse input, the way your body moves when you sprint. The look of the lighting on the map. The way the models look (when I was greeted by that seniore in the first match, I thought this model looks like a 10y old game). Also I feel the size of the guns in your first person view seems different. And the post effectish "smoothness" which goes away when you are under fire. Makes the game not "sharp" but muddy.

I do not get the same vibes I got from the original Insurgency. I mean, sure, close, but it does not feel like I am returning to the same game "feeling".

Is it just me???

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Not just you. It doesn't have the same 'feel'. Ultimately the Source engine creates an atmosphere that the Unreal one simply cannot come close to. The fluidity of the original is what made it unique - this one just feels like any other game.

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fluidity, good word to describe the difference.

This was captured by a playmate, its obviously a mod but ignoring the speed its something about the way the old one reacts to mouse input that made the old game so "fluid" its instant and accurate, it allows you to throw your aim around at great speed with confidence.

Sandstorm you can't do that, it feels inaccurate, cumbersome, disconnected.

Youtube Video – [00:26..]

Also, don't you think these voice-overs from the original are so much better?

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I had high hopes for sandstorm but the closer we get to release the more i dislike it and the more i think nwi have lost their

shitty reticles
shitty animations
shitty voice acting
shitty hit detection
shitty customisation

the list goes on and on, rip ins mc.

@depleted hit detection was fixed last patch.

@humbug It seems like the aim sensitivity in the game is tied to your fps, and with the game not being fully optimized yet, the fps is inconsistent. This means that your aiming is not as smooth as it should be which makes the game feel not as fluid. I think the slower reload speeds feel nice and look nice but the movement speed doesn't really match.

The original insurgency focused a lot on close quarters, indoors maps. There was a lot of breaching, room clearing, flashbanging, and corner peaking. This game has much larger maps it seems and it favors a more run and gun style of play.

Improvements to SS are coming along,

Its improved alot since alpha (me being a tester)


Is a BETA, not the finished product!

I agree that it feels different, but I personally love the direction they are going now.

But I wasn't expecting Sandstorm to feel the same as INS2. It can't really feel the same, unless nothing was changed from the last game. When the devs want to improve things and make them better from the last game, they will have to change things.

Now they postponed the release date to have more time to work on things, so it's interesting too see how this game evolves!


It isnt supposed to feel the same. It isnt supposed to look the same and it certainly isnt supposed to be the same game. Its the core game redone on a new engine.

Ive said many times before people have issues with change and the sooner you start accepting this as a new game with “insurgency 2 in mind” the sooner you will start having fun. Stop comparing it and start posting issues with the game “functionality” and help it get to where it runs smoothly, give modders time to get their hands on it when its released WITH mod support and you will see this game transform.

Now I play in 4k maxed settings. I dont see this muddy thing you are talking about. How low are your settings? Maybe I need to try this game in all low 1080 settings, maybe then ill see all this stuff people say they see.

Ps - just out of curiosity...why did we need to know people from your server knew your name? Im just curious if I am missing something here.

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I think everyone who was upset with the 'feel' will welcome the news, as I do, that the release date has been postponed in favour of adding more polish 🙂 .

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@depleted hit detection was fixed last patch.
Sorry I just noticed they addressed that issue today, i also meant to say how some weapons are so underpowered it feels like im shooting airsoft guns, akm/m4/m16 etc all feel as weak as the mp7.

I can understand where OP is coming from, Ins SS feels different but for me it's still a new Insurgency game and Ins has been my #1 favourite FPS since i discovered Ins:MC what feels like a decade or more ago - but still, Sandstorm is different and it has a different tone in regards to how you navigate the map and how you take objectives and prepare for counters, we have a commanding class who needs support, we have some new toys, and we have some new mechanics like vaulting and speed reloading.

I'm not set on the vault mechanic as I feel it's slow/cumbersome; it makes you exposed and vulnerable for a good few seconds, i'd rather scroll down and jump up on 2/3 ledges/boxes to get to where I need to go, but hey-ho i'll learn to deal with the mechanic.

Speed reloading though? I love dumping a mag and being back in action, I always hated how in Insurgency you could literally cycle all your mags and end up with a few mags with less than a dozen rounds in all combined - you'd get to fire a few bullets then have to reload mutiple times in a firefight and it always use to annoy me so i'd dump the gun and pick-up a fallen AK.

Any Ins:MC vets who aint set on Ins:SS - give it time, let NWI work their magic and see how you feel as we get closer to Dec 12th, I find the game more playable with each update/hotfix, but I still have a graphical "hiccup" which makes playing for hours at a time rather difficult to do as everything feels jittery when i look around an area scanning for tangos and it hurts my eyes to bear it for too long.


I definitely like sandstorm game a lot. Quite possibly as much if not more so than the previous insurgency. However, I feel that sandstorm has taken away some of my favorite elements of insurgency.

Much like many people have been saying about the beta, many of the guns just feel underpowered whereas in the previous insurgency, every gun felt powerful and effective within their role, including pistols.

In this game, switching to a sidearm during a firefight is almost worse than just reloading your primary because of how unreliable and underpowered pistols are. With everyone running around in heavy armor, using anything other than 7.62 rifles leads to a kind of bullet spongy effect.

I honestly feel that armor should cost twice as much as it does now. It makes no sense for heavy armor to cost the same number of supply points as a chest carrier when one is infinitely more valuable than the other.