Prone and Sprint

In Insurgency 2 you could use mouse wheel up/down for prone, in Sandstorm it registers multiple clicks and bounces you straight back up again, any chance of a time limit on click registration so that mouse wheel can be used?

In Insurgency 2 when using sprint on 'hold' setting it would activate again whenever you finished an action, say you sprint and then ADS, once you finish ADS you would automatically sprint again provided you keep pressing sprint key. In Sandstorm you have to re-press sprint key. It was such an nice feature in insurgency 2 and made sprint very predicable. Be great if you could change this.

@gprologitech I just posted about the prone issue that I have (registers too fast) but yeah, the sprint bug is also kind of annoying. If I'm holding down Shift and W I wanna sprint forward regardless of what my character is currently doing. That's the Ins2014 way.

If you hold sprint then...

  • Jump it automatically goes back into sprint when you land.

  • Crouch after short distance (before slide comes into play) then it automatically goes back into sprint.

  • Run up to low wall then vault, it automatically goes back into sprint.

So I think it should be feasible to go back into sprint once you have finished with the ADS action.