List of changes for dev's

Got to level 30, my opinion and tips for devs so far.


New to Insurgency series, but this is just a quick list i came up with.

Not all idea's you might not like, just food for thought.


Customize Screen:

  1. Give movements to character so he's not stick figure.

  2. Ability to choose background.

  3. Ability to twirl Character.

  4. Option to turn on Body armor so neck isn't floating.


  1. Can't see what full body looks like before buying,

zoom out feature would be nice during this part, and it goes

for all the parts legs/gloves/helm.

--General Issue's--

  1. Everytime i unlocked a new lvl i got an random customization item for Insurgents only, had to buy all Security stuff.

  2. After certain lvl around 20, i do not receive random item for each level.

  3. Should be recent players tab or something for easy access to add friends, very hard to try and add people before game ends. Recap'ing is to much work.

Being able to go to a recent players tab to send friends request or msg would be good. This game is about teamwork, promote team making.

  1. Insurgents Commander lacks compared to Secruity.

  2. You can not tell who is talking, unless I've missed something so far. This would help figuring out who to mute or who to add when making a new friend.

  3. Loadout screen for weapons, so you are not rushing in game to get loadout together while others going to objective.

  4. Don't let games go to 3-3, if they end up getting to that, there should be a sudden death match.

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You should probably move this to the beta testing forum.

Also, your point 3. exists already for steam if you turn your in-game overlay on, and see recent players.
For most of your other points, I think they can just use the kit selection menu for the main menu and most would be solved.