Game is fantastic and feels like Insurgency unlike some people say

This game is great i love it, as an oldschool INS Player, i saw post on here saying "It doesn't feel like an insurgency game" HOW DOES IT NOT it feels exactly like a Insurgency game, people need to remember this IS a different game, what are you views on this

The weapon lethality is not the same, which is one of the core features of Insurgency alongside the minimal HUD and information + waved respawns. The latter 2 are fine, but the gunplay is not Insurgency.


Comparing INS2 AP to Sandstorm no-AP. Comparing apples and oranges.

Compare INS2 regular bullet to Sandstorm regular bullet. Now a proper comparison can be made.

Feels more like COD then INS. The movement in the game is way to fast. People seem to eat rounds. Run and gun is more effective then tactical movement.

@stone I also agree that movement mechanics need tweaking for some parts:

  1. Tagging when shot.
  2. Acceleration speed (this was tweaked little in the latest patch)
  3. Changing directions quickly
  4. Maybe heavy armor max speed

I went out of my way to make a class that is as light as possible, and TBH I didn't feel like I was going any faster than a loadout that nearly maxes out the weight bar. Yea there definitely needs to be a change there