Some feedback (sept 10)


  • really like all of the maps thusfar, the atmosphere is great and the mapdesign looks from real places
  • love the local solo play to practise, love the fact I can possess a teammate bot when I die so I can play on immediatety without having to wait!
  • generally speaking the audio is a big improvement, it's really good, positional awareness by listening to audio clues helps a lot. However it seems not all audio is in the game yet? Meaning ambient sounds are lacking and or still missing here and there.
  • love the built-in Replay (Recap) matches functionality, however sometimes when I watch a replay it looks like my player is moving erratically, walks into walls and fires into the ground and/or walls?

Stuff that I dislike or that should be improved / fixed:

  • flashbang effect looks unfinished and ugly (at times it's just a bright white horizontal oval in the middle of my screen?)
  • smoke effects can be better, they look a bit cheap and don't always look volumetric 3D or something?
  • facial hair looks terrible, very fake
  • player makes no sound at all (like Umph of Ugh) when jumping down from a roof or something
  • jumping in water does not give an audible splash sound
  • some dying sounds of Insurgents are over the top
  • I cannot walk THROUGH bushes!?! Really? Why not?
  • also I've noticed that when I am Spectator my name is still listed as a member of the team / active players. It should list spectators names separate below the teams.
  • voices of Security and Insurgents sound very much the same? It's hard to know by just listening t if it's a friendly or foe.


1- Most important one. for co-op: force players to play more as a team by making it much more difficult (lethal) for players to run of alone like John Rambo just to get to the next objective first. Currently I see very little teamplay in random coop matches.

2- in the Loadout screen: would be great if the view from inside a scope was displayed when selecting it so we can see the reticle

3- in the configuration screen: grey out the choices that are mutually exclusive from each other

4- will we get maps with rain or snow? hard wind? or a full-on Sandstorm at least? The game is named Sandstorm after all.

5- will we get patches (like Day of Infamy or maybe even cosmetics similar to Rising Storm 2 Vietnam!!!) to really personalise our player? That would be very cool.

6- when I spec someone it would be nice if I could use a toggle key that shows his loadout

7- it would be helpful to have a short built-in Benchmark in the game (like Rainbow Six Siege has) to more easily finetune the graphical settings to our desired framerate.

Anyway, thanks NWI for this already very enjoyable game ... it's shaping up nicely and I see myself getting 1000+ hrs of playtime in this new version of Insurgency as well.

Number 1.. a thousand times yes.. it's ridiculous atm.