RGB Fusion and Insurgency Sandstorm

Each time I try to launch the game in steam it says launch error and I narrowed it down to RGB Fusion. I uninstall RGB Fusion and it starts right up is there a work around for this?

It has to do with easyanticheat and not Sandstorm.

I am running RGB Fusion (both gfx card and mobo software as they are different programs) for both an AORUS Waterforce 1080ti WB Edition and for an AORUS Z370 Gaming 7 mobo. Having no problems, I am running latest versions. Have you tried updating?

I stopped using RGB Fusion because it was hitting my CPU at 9-10% (a known issue) plus caused other problems with my NLE & DAW software. More specifically, it was tied to the "App Center" used to install & run Fusion... Gigabyte may have updated it (dunno) try installing the latest version and see if it fixes it.

Alright, I'll try updating and see if it works thanks.

@repo said in RGB Fusion and Insurgency Sandstorm:

Alright, I'll try updating and see if it works thanks.

Worse case, you can always set the Mobo RGB lighting in the Bios instead of using Fusion. It's not as detailed as fusion and lacks quiet a few options, but at least you can set color and a few cycle options.