Insurgent Cargo Pants Gone???

My Insurgent has no legs in the title screen (wears jeans in the game even though I don't have them equipped). Pretty sure I had the dark brown cargo pants, but those are just straight up gone. Can't buy brown cargo pants at all...

@deep-mail I've heard this item was removed since it gave Insurgents too much of an advantage / You looked too close to a Security member. Kinda sucks you lost what you had equipped, but it's a Beta and your cosmetics will be wiped on launch anyway.

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Glad its still beta. I'm sure without a refund in the full release, there would be many wtfs.

I gotta be honest tho, the fact that the insurgents have almost ZERO options for brown or black clothing... in favor of all this flamboyant, brightly colored stuff seems a There should DEFINITELY be more than 3 options for jeans, and less options for track-pants...but hey i guess track pants are all people wear in the Middle East? /s

Only 1 or 2 black options for any body part
Only 1 brown option for pants, and zero browns for torso
Only a very few grey options, and they're all very light...almost white
ZERO headscarfs that have natural colors in them, except for the black

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@marksmanmax I thought that may be why. I mean, that is why I got them /s


Security side always have good camo (sandy colours) whereas Insurgents seem to have bright (and awfully clean) clothing which makes them stand out so much. I would like them to kind of have the camo-vibe or single colour coded wear like above that's at least a little sandy/dark.
I get the whole "can't tell friend or foe" argument, but the complete different sets of head gear, different coloured vests, different out fit types, different camo (when they have one) and different weapons should tell them apart quite easily. In reality, you sometimes deal with less distinction between your enemy uniforms and yours. (So sometimes you have arm bands specific to the day)
But implemented well enough with distinction, I think camo/colour scheme similar to the pictures above could work.