It has come to my attention that many of the kills in close combat, are been taken by spraying bullets in full auto,firing from the hip,hoping for the best,what good are red dots /close up sights ,when we cannot use them in close combat?
Why are the short range sights so slow to be drawn up and aimed accurately at the enemies?
I have fired bullets,using long range sights, on targets and again they fail to register or take down the enemy,i also might add,some of the mid range sights markings are way too large,hinder target acquisition.
On entering a room, the animation where the gun is shouldered is crap and it mainly obstructs the flow of the action, resulting in death,even though i had the upper hand on the enemy going in,undetected. It is essential as a FPS that we do not over compensate on the silly things, i for one do not have to stop in my tracks to load a magazine into a gun,i understand the game is in beta but this needs to addressed in 2018.