While i'm well aware that performance issues are at the forefront of NWI's efforts as the release date draws near, here are some things that i think should be addressed/implemented sooner rather than later. Some of these may be known bugs, but i'm not keeping track of what's been reported and what hasn't.

Smoke strobing - A lighting issue occuring in smokes that causes a flickering of light effects causing the smoke to strobe black and white rapidly.

Competitive ping prioritisation - Not clear to see whether it's currently set up this way, due to the small player pool, but I should not be getting put against people with 200 ping when there are more than 10 people searching in my region.

Underhand nades - It feels like they cannot be thrown with enough effort to make it over a lot of walls, even when standing almost directly underneath said wall.

Sound inconsistencies - Personally, i have had people sprint up on me in dead silence with inaudible footsteps, and have had other people in game claim to have not heard doors opening.

Group queue bug - when queuing for a game as a group, the queue timer and/or queue status will bug with a fixed, inaccurate time and potentially say the search has been cancelled

Loading Screen - After playing a competitive game, all loading screens henceforth (confirmed for versus, unsure about others) will be that of the competitive game just played; listing the players who were in that game as a 5v5.

Grouped competitive - You can have two groups of 5 queue for a competitive game at the same time and it does not put them in a game against each other. furthermore, competitive matchmaking does not seem to support groups much at all. From my experience, any group ranging for 3-5 players will not find a competitive game at all.

Weapon balance/cost - Currently, the more powerful weapons are far too cheap compared to the weaker. The SCAR and G3 etc. have higher damage for little weight/recoil drawback. They should be made more expensive to make lower damage weapons a viable choice. This is more of an issue in competitive than versus.

Map edges - A downside to having firefight maps based off larger maps for other game modes has been a lack of implementation of map borders. These maps allow for insanely wide positions where you could argue these people aren't even playing inside the map anymore. Firefight should have some more distinct borders to restrict being able to run (far too) wide to avoid enemy encounters.

Last man standing - While a lot of us have noticed the obviously distinct voicelines for being the last man alive, it is a little too subtle and could use a more obvious notifier that you're last alive.

Joining groups - When people join a group after the group is searching for a game, the search will not be cancelled/the new people will not automatically be put into the queue. This results in the players who recently joined having to miss out on the game the remainder of the group gets into.

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