Add slight weapon sway to bipods and hold breath.

It's impossible to hold a weapon 100% still in real life. And currently, having zero scope sway when using bipods on LMG's, snipers and even regular weapons when not suppressed or out of breath seems a bit too OP. Someone with a fortified position and bipod should have an advantage over incoming moving enemies, but 100% accuracy and zero sway is a tad bit too much, I feel. Insurgency 2 had sway at all times, so this seems to be an intentional design change.

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@wookieesteak I think there is little sway without bipods is more of a problem. it encourages too much running around like a maniac, and bipoded MGs have more recoil than carbines of the same caliber for some reason. Definitely more sway all across the board with heavier weapons while standing/non bipod would be appreciated.