It's be cool if we had red dots for pistols

Just a lil red dot on a glock or any other pistol would be really cool tbh. It could cost 1-2 points 0_1536541597344_exampleglock.jpg

yes,I would love some pistol reflex sights 🙂

I don't tend to use pistols much in this game, but an RMR would be an excellent addition and add some nice variety to the pistol accessories.

@lucjocwhite Totally agree with the idea but can't spare the points as it is.

Maybe if the gas mask and the pistol sights were only 0.5 points each LOL

Maybe. They'd likely be limited to certain pistols though.

@staryoshi06 Yeah, like the Glock which can take one in some cases, although that would just make the Glock more OP than it already is. Actually, Red dot sight mods would make all Sec pistols even more OP supposing Insurgents can't get them.