ADS speed is too fast

Tune it down to beta 1 level, similar to INS2

@ctbear1996 Couldn't agree with you more. I wish they also implemented a weight based, and scope based system, where heavier weapon takes more time to ADS and for scopes and so on.

@io543 Yes, and it will balance the game perfectly since most battle rifles are more reliable than assault rifles at the current stage. G3, Fal, SCAR are just so easy to control and deal massive amount damages, and extremely cheap, no reason to not use them. Some assault rifles like G36, AKS-74U, SMG like UZI are just really a desirable choice, high recoil, low damage. ADS speed should depend on weapon weight and attachments, for example, drum mag should slow your ads down a lot.

@io543 PUBG did something similar where pistols and SMG ADS faster than ARs and LMGs. I think it would give pistols / SMGs more of a purpose in Sandstorm instead of the current AR-spam meta.