Thank You NWI!

I took a break from the game and when I came back I noticed the reduced prices for cosmetics. I'm so glad now that I don't have to grind forever for gear!

Now guess how I felt when they reduced the prices, after grinding for hours, reaching level 64 and having bought all the cosmetics to my liking for the full price... 😲

Glad because you won’t have to grind as hard after release when everyone is reset?

@EyeofHorus My understanding is that they will add the option to buy credits, so after release I won't have to grind anyway^^

Question though: do you get more credits for leveling at higher ranks? (Haven’t had a lot of time yet to see for myself)

No. Somewhere between 60 and 70 I got 200 credits twice in a row as far as I can remember, but usually I get 100 per level up. And it always takes 20.000 points to the next level. And the random items don't get any better either.