Cosmetic Microtransactions?

Those Cosmetic coins or something will u be able to buy them for real money?

NWI has stated that they have no plans for MTXs in this game. no, cosmetic unlocks will not be available for purchase at least for now AFAIK.

@kean_1 Sorry, mate, they already confirmed the ability to buy coins.

@quadsword said in Cosmetic Microtransactions?:

@kean_1 Sorry, mate, they already confirmed the ability to buy coins.

Thanks for correcting me quadsword. I guess I was mistaken. I didn't know they had introduced an MTX model to this game. I have heard them say time and time again that they wouldn't but maybe these types of transactions are not what they meant.

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FYI..... Found this bit straight from NWI regarding the ability to buy in-game currency as Quadsword had confrimed. I just thought I would post it up here for anyone else that might run across this thread.

"We’re also working on our character customization system which will include hundreds of different cosmetic items as well as several voice options. We will have over 6500 lines of unique character dialogue including local Arab fighters (for both Security and Insurgent teams), American special operations soldiers, fire support coordinators, and air support pilots. We currently have no plans to include Steam Marketplace support, item trading, or a loot crate system. All these items, in addition to not affecting gameplay, will be a totally optional secondary aspect to the game. They will be unlocked by progressing through ranks and by using an ingame currency system with a direct buy option for most items."

Thanks again Quad.