Cosmetic items still disappearing


I know this issue has been brought up before, but I don't think it has been 100% resolved.

I switched computers the other day, logged into the same steam account and installed INS. When the game launched, I noticed that one cosmetic item (brown insurgent cargo pants) were missing and I need to purchase them again.

I did the suggested fix of clicking "randomize" but the item didn't return.

Not a huge deal, but could really piss someone off in the future if they spend 2000 credits on a camo and lose it.

Thanks guys, and keep up the good work!


Hey, have the same issue and started a thread about it (which hasn't gotten approval yet) and it's probably related to the fact that they changed the "dark brown cargo" pants to "brown cargo" in the last update, which changed the colour. My cargo pants dissapeared and whenever I try to buy them again, I get the message "Inventory Item Not Found".

I care a lot about these cosmetic items, I want to customize my uniform to my liking and really hope they add the ability to buy credits, but if items keep dissapearing when they get optimized I'll think twice about investing real money when there's a chance it's all gone.
Same goes for credit themselves, I always keep track of em, had 600, waiting to unlock POLYPAT gloves, just finished a game, suddenly I only have 100 left - and it's really gone, I tried to buy something worth over 100 credits...