red dot optics are too fuzzy looking

Holographic, Kobra, and the red dot are too fuzzy imo. Can't see shit. I run a holographic in every game I play because I love the circle and the dot reticle. In this game the holo reticle is too fuzzy and unusable.

Inb4 "muh realism"

Idc how realistic or unrealistic it is, I want a clear reticle like every other game and ins2 (2016 Insurgency), I want to be able to see what I'm shooting at

No're totally right. These sights IRL aren't fuzzy and shimmery as fuck...or no one would ever buy them.

Does THIS look anything like the game? Hell naw

@amurka 100% bro. I'd like for NWI to fix it, remove all of that fuzzy shit. If they don't, I'm sure when the workshop opens there will be a bunch of people fixing all of the reticles and even making custom ones that are realistic or whatever, green EOTech reticle is what I really want tbh.

IRL they have brightness settings. The correct setting is dim to where you can barley see it, that removes the brightness blur. If you shoot them blurred out in full brightness, you are not accurate. They would only work as a quick reaction sight for close engagements.

I've also noticed if you use a holo and a laser the blur is much worse.

I agree, this should be dimmer to remove the blur. As is they are unplayable for me, that's ok too - I'll just run my irons. I recall the videos from E3 with the lasers being huge ultra bright red dots, but they said they were just place keepers, kinda hoping the same here.