Laser Sights Still Not Tied To Guns Aim at All Times + Many Other Visual Bugs

When a character is running with a laser sight on their gun. To them everything looks fine, but to all other players, their lasersight always points at the exact center of their screen. This also applies for ANY time they're not aiming down sights.

So if they're sprinting towards a wall and their gun is waving all over the place, the laser sight is still smack dab on the wall the whole time.
0_1536505168153_Ex 1.png

  • It's even worse when they're very close to a wall

0_1536505184448_Ex 2.png

Other bugs are:

  • Dead characters still often look as if they're covered in black oil, rather than blood and gore

0_1536500873377_1 oil.jpg

  • Windows and other architecture often have odd visual glitches, even when they're rather close (just across the street, etc)
    Here the windows have this weird diagonal bug in some of the windows that goes away when i get closer.

0_1536500932208_2 window bugs.jpg

  • Player guns don't always LOOK like they're pointed at what they really are. In this photo the player is aiming at the entry point below the right archway, but his gun looks like it's aimed much higher than that. Bipod bug?

This is hugely important to FPS games. It can lead to bullets visually leaving the gun at angles, and no one wants to get that feeling of dying when "He wasn't even fucking pointing his gun at me!"

0_1536501381136_3 aim fid.jpg

  • People prone on stairs (and some other terrain) have most of their body clipped


  • And lastly, Molotovs (and all grenades) are thrown from the center of a persons face, rather than from their hand. (no pic)

Hopefully these bugs or visual oddities will get fixed soon!

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Oh and I forgot. There's another bug with laser sights... where while you're scoped in (sniping) and fire a shot. The laser sight stays perfectly centered while the player is pulling the bolt and chambering another round.

Try it out with a bolt action sniper, it makes acquiring another target while operating the bolt mind-numbingly easy. Even though your gun is pointed elsewhere, you can just put the lasersight over your next target so when you've chambered the next round you can immediately fire.

@amurka Most of the playermodels are probably still WIP, since the playermodels themselves almost look like they're stuttering because there aren't that many animation frames.

The laser sight bugs are interesting, though. I didn't even think about those.