A few things....

So i have put in about 24 hours into the multiplayer and this is what i have noticed...

  1. There is a spawn skip issue where you get skipped or denied spawn once loaded in at the beginning of the next round. A round will end and i dont respawn? wtf!!!

  2. dedicated servers for Japan or better connection for Japanese players please!

  3. Insurgents need to have visible heavy armor

  4. LMGs may be too over powered against light armored

  5. The amount of lag i experience in game not because of connection issues but loading(optimization) issues.. die to much from that (mind you i run low settings)

  6. Money system is garbage, you hardly earn anything and leveling up takes to long. Either money is earned by game or reward us with more somehow!! Also some of my purchased comestics have disappeared... why!

  7. It takes way to long for guns to load in for me at the beginning of the game; ill run around for a minute without a gun

ALso Summit on push is very poorly designed