Got stuck. Doesnt know the name of the map. Its push, Insurgents defend, as security you have to run up this
darn hill for about a mile. This screenshot is at Alpha. I look on the LEFT Insurgents Flank of Alpha. Tried to
lay down behind this yellow/black striped conrete thing.

Then: When using a grenadelauncher and a 3pts chest carrier, you still spawn with 2 nades. You can go to the
supply cache and get two more nades, makes it for. Two things: First: Why dont I start just with 4 nades. And:
If I get 2 more, my ammo status says "7+". Would be nice. But is wrong. gg

Oh, and please insert a "Do you really want to set your settings back to default" button/question. I have to change
my settings, still, all the time (Borderless, fullscreen, etc.) And clicking on the wrong button does not make it any
better atm. 😉