Vote to Kick and Reporting is NEEDED

I don't know why suddenly since I've been playing but today, I've come across some of the worst toxicity I've experienced in years. Not only am I not able to mute these guys using racial slurs and terms, I cannot vote to kick them either. I've heard everything from a dude talking about raping a girl to shouting racial slurs at the top of lungs at everyone in the lobby. Honestly with a game barely having anyone playing off pre-orders I can see why so many who can look past the technical issues quit. This isn't just an isolated incident but multiple games today. So much for a tactical FPS when all I hear over communications disgusting reenactments of a violent crime and racist bs. Then that doesn't even address the blatant teamkilling, people trolling, not playing OBJ (primarily in firefight in my experience) and aiding the enemy team in locations of teammates. It's a shame that the developers have been busting their asses for the community to be full of toxic individuals with no way to vet them out.

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This is beta not a full game yet. It will be in the full game of course, so will many other items that seem missing.

A vote kick system would be quite useful for afk players as well as players who are excessively team killing.