OKP-7 / ОКП-7 Sight Issues

OKP-7 Sight issues

  1. The sight on railed systems like the SCAR-H CQC is sitting below the RIS system, this is also severely limits sight picture when using the AN/PEQ-15A laser sight on the SCAR as it takes up 30% of the view space.

  2. The shot alignment is not correct, it should be aligned at 100m at the intersection between the 2 side bars and the "carrot", the design behind the OKP-7 sight is to mimic a digital version of a AK's iron sights when pictured correctly. This is actually ingenious as if the sight becomes inoperable the operator can remove the sight and use that mental image to get a correct sight picture through the iron sights. Currently it seems the shots are slightly low on some rifles and slightly high on others, this could very well be part of #1 as listed above due to the model offset.

  3. This is a big one, the OKP-7 sight is NOT correctly placed on the AK-74 and AKM, it should be imitating a railed system with the sight picture over the iron sight not directly to the side of it. Ground Branch and Escape From Tarkov have the sights mounted correctly, you can use them as a reference. Additional IRL pictures included for reference.

  4. The AKSU-74 is also not designed to use the OKP-7 sight, to my knowledge there is no mounting system for it, outside of a modern dust cover replacement with a rail. Source

Reference Pictures for an AK-74/AKM using the OKP sight with RS mounting system

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to illustrate the issues with the SCAR-H and the OKP-7 here are 2 in-game pictures that I just took. As you can tell the sight is sitting below the rail system, this needs to be corrected.

![Pic1](0_1536476144636_60cb51be-2fd1-4169-a13a-e28f79e94093-image.png image url)

![Pic 2](0_1536476223048_9a357d8d-5486-4668-bca5-9bb15a6a4295-image.png image url)

  1. Yea its almost like the Russian OKP-7 was never designed to be mounted and cowitnessed with an American PEQ-15, what kind of a weirdo would try to operate with that combination?

2/3. The more I look at it in game the more I agree. The sight is mounted just slightly too far to the left. The right image shows the bottom edge of the glass circular protective housing seeming to align vertically with the centre line of the rifle, while the in game screenshot shows it further to the left, and there's a little bit too much glove visible between the mount and the receiver.

alt text

...but are we still going to pretend there aren't photographs of the OKP-7 dovetail model's sight picture?

alt text
alt text

Its a collimator sight. It's near parallax free. Its designed for an absolute cowitness with the iron sights. Yes yes yes, we've all read TX-Zen's articles.

If one were to shut his left eye and move his right eye above and directly in line with the AK receiver he'd see the AK iron sights and the OKP-7 reticle aligned in the right half of the glass near the edge of the glass protective housing, and this would be a pretty crap sight picture in game; visually distracting. A nice piece of metal hanging close to the reticle. The decision to align the camera left of the AK receiver makes complete sense for this optic.

  1. Yea except the AKS-74U in game is actually the AKS74-UN, a model with the AK receiver dovetail mount.

alt text
alt text

I really think this is a problem of translating how to represent on a flat screen the sight picture of a rifle sight designed to be used with two eyes.
I think the devs have done a mostly correct job of that with this sight.
The guy in that other thread was just ... uninformed about firearms and opinionated.
You @spartan0536 clearly have more of an understanding, but I think you just haven't considered the stereoscopic issue.

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In regards to the SCAR-H, this could easily be rectified by moving the AN/PEQ15A to the side rail, problem solved, it's not like the SCAR-H was designed with modularity in mind right? I mean what kind of deranged monster would even think of that? 😛

As for the sight sitting too low on the rail mounts, I think my picture properly illustrated that issue.

As for the OKP sight picture, all they need to do is adjust the sight picture, and it really needs to be adjusted on the AKS-74UN (more about the model name change for the 74UN below). The RS mounts have the offset, it's just in the incorrect position, and yes I agree sights can be calibrated and used with an offset from the ironsights, this allows the use of the weapons ironsights in some cases (this being the case for the OKP-7 when RS and rail mounted). The OKP-7/77 is an excellent high speed optical sight, it's very well thought out and has a lot of ingenuity built in.

Regarding the 74UN designation, upon further review of the model in the game you are correct it is the UN variant, I was not able to see the split in the receiver where the selector switch is, I really do wish they would name the weapons correctly, perhaps that will come with the launch.

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(I can't believe I'm actually trying to draw this)

It's been a few years since I've shot an AK and I've never handled an OKP but I'm familiar with other collimator sights and I've got years of the experience of having two eyes in my skull, so here goes:

alt text

Left sketch approximates the ingame camera view, which is pretty darn close to TX-Zen's photos.
Right sketch is closer to what an absolute co witness view would look like for a shooter with a good cheek weld.
These are both sketches of the same collimator optic mounted identically and zeroed with the same cowitness, the only different being the camera/user head positioned slightly different.

@Spartan0536 see what I mean about the right sight picture being kind of crap for a video game?
I really think the left makes sense as a game design decision. Kind of the same problem with video games and eotech holographic sights, you get this big boxy optic filling your screen and none of the peripheral vision advantage you get shooting a holographic with two eyes open.

Sorry this discussion has gotten really weird.
I agree the sight in game right now is slightly off,
but I think overall its in the realm of fine and not unrealistic, unlike what that german guy was saying.

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This is the logic and correct position of a weapon sight ( same vertical line as the iron sight and weapon barrel )
If this is a later iteration of the OKP-7 then it is underlining my arguments, that the horizontal deviation was too big in the former variant and now the producer reacted and chose a more precise and logic position for the optics.
alt text

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I've had lots of people ask me here and on Reddit about getting one of their own. From the conversations I had with him it didn't sound like he wants to do all too much exporting to the US, there might be some customs or tax reasons or something restricting it, but I'll see what he has to say.
see: Bluestacks TextNow VLC

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@spartan0536 said in OKP-7 / ОКП-7 Sight Issues:

OKP-7 Sight issues

  1. The sight on railed systems like the SCAR-H CQC is sitting below the RIS system, this is also severely limits sight picture when using the AN/PEQ-15A laser sight on the SCAR as it takes up 30% of the view space.

You do realize that the SCAR-H doesn't even take an OKP-7 sight? It's an Insurgent sight, not a Security one.

This is only a hindrance in Coop. NWI should just remove the ability to attach the OKP-7 to the SCAR-H entirely.

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@owner said in OKP-7 / ОКП-7 Sight Issues:

  1. Yea except the AKS-74U in game is actually the AKS74-UN, a model with the AK receiver dovetail mount.

My understanding is that the OKP-7 hits the rear sight housing on the AKSU, not that the AKSU lacks the proper mounting hardware.