3 monitor set up issues!

Stop turning off my other 2 monitors if you're only using one of them. Even in windowed mode, i cannot see my other 2.

We do not support Nvidia Surround or AMD Eyefinity. If you are using these then this will happen. The game works correctly on multi-monitor setup without these features enabled.

Why Focus Company ignor me?!! I send feedback, but u dont publish it and do not answer me on steam. WTF?!! I bought your fcking game, have some problem with resolution but you all dont get a fck about me!!!

@kolotar Huh? English, dude?

NWI reads these posts but they don't necessarily respond to all of them. If you think you got ripped off or something, then refund the game. Plenty of other people will buy SS in your place.

@kolotar Hi, what feedback was it we haven't published? Every thing that gets posted here is posted after it's checked for spam.