Hitreg issue (multiple confirmed hits with Mosin)


Match ID: 57cc053b-5e93-41a6-bcc1-e468cbf217c3

Just as I suspected. Yet another case of "I couldn't aim well, but I'm going to say it was the games fault anyway!"

1st off.... If you wan't to make "Confirmed hit" videos at least use a scope....

Couldn't see where the first shot went but you jerked the barrel so hard no one can tell for sure.

2nd shot miss

3rd shot his right arm

4th shot his left arm

5th shot actual torso hit (and he died, go figure)

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The replay code gives me an error. You should record from the enemies's perspective and see what shots made contact though the red damage indicator.

im having the same issue with the mosin. shots center mass having absolutely no contact I would say 50 percent of the time. these shot have been on AI in coop.

Watched the vid, I have to mostly agree with @AMURKA . All I saw was a bunch of snappy shots, like you were holding down left mouse as the reload was happening. You were everywhere with those shots.

I was finally able to load the recap again and confirmed (from watching the target's perspective), that EVERY shot hit. They were just doing such low damage that it took 5 hits to kill the guy.

Seems today's patch has fixed the issue, bolt actions seem much more consistent now.

Watched the clip myself from the enemy's perspective and there was a red hitmarker for all five shots (but I think the 4th shot hitmarker was from Blahman's teammate who shot through the wooden fence so the 4th Mosin shot was a miss).

This was all in addition to the damage a Security teammate did to the enemy before Blahman started shooting.

I hope the patch today fixes this.

This video is from 2 patches ago can we let this thread die already?