I always thought the scope perspective (scope proximity to eye when aiming) was far to close while playing during the Alpha and still throughout the betas. I went ahead and downloaded the first Insurgency just to compare and wasn't surprised to see that the first ones perspective was far better (still not great).

You really need to back off the zoom onto the scope when aiming. You should see almost exactly what you see when aiming with Iron Sights. e.g. Your firearms chamber/action/bolt. Because your head is placed on the stock.
At the moment when you aim, it's as if your head is now placed on the action of the firearm so your eye is only an inch away.

For people not familiar with scopes, the lower the magnification = the greater the distance between your eye and scope when sighting. This is why for short to medium range engagements a 1- 4x optic is the go to. Fast to sight in on target without losing your field of view at the same time.

At the moment all of these low magnification scopes (Even the simple red dots) are far to close to the screen and block out a massive amount of, field of view.

In a game that revolves around house to house fighting, your field of view is important. At this stage I only use a scope if I'm a sniper sitting back. I'd love to be using these other low powered optics but they're just terrible at the moment, Iron sights are a much better choice. The Scope Perspective in this game has taken a step backwards since 'Insurgency' and is closer to that of COD and BF titles. (Terrible).