Heavy Armor still feels like AP rounds

I was really pushing my self away from using heavy armor, but seeing everyone using it, I felt handicapped and started using it. I began to get much more kills than before... and I don't think that's a good sign to be honest. Maybe using heavy armor went well with my slow paced playstyle, but I still find it strange that I got much better just by using it.
What are you guys' thoughts?

@tuliottr for me its the complete opposite. I always ran heavy armor before the patch and now i just run around without armor... don't feel like i'm at a disadvantage at all. In fact i'm getting way more kills than before the update, most likely because of the fixed hitreg and already less effective armor. So no....heavy armor isn't mandatory at all.

also: i barely see anyone running heavy armor. Most people i kill don't tank 3 shots.

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From my experiences so far, it does feel that heavy armour is mandatory for pvp. AP rounds didn't do ins 2014 any favours due to how it was implemented but at least there was a hard counter to heavy armour. My opinion on the matter is: if NWI wants to take AP rounds out and maintain the general feel of ins 2014 they also need to remove armour completely as well.

In the end: whatever we write in here shouldn't matter. Low-TTK supporters will agree, high-TTK supporters will disagree.

NWI should have the stats to actually back up gameplay changes. If currently heavy armor is indeed overused in PVP, they should nerf it. If it's underused they should buff it. Easy as that.

So i hope they actually collect stats in the background and can base gameplay decisions on that.