Hit Validation?

Just 2 examples of a problem I am still experiencing often.

Video: https://streamable.com/h4et5

The first portion is more cut and dry. At the very least, two of my shots with an SVD landed on the enemies torso. Perhaps even more. The second part you'll need to count the shells for shots hit, as sound isn't perfectly synced in the Recaps. I counted 4-5 hits which may not seem like a lot on heavy armor, but that was about the TTK prior to the nerfing of armor. I began to switch targets assuming the enemy would go down. Maybe I'm just too used to Ins2, but I'm not sure.

There may still be problems with hit reg, information loss, damage models, etc. Whatever it is, I hope it gets sorted out soon. Let me know if you're experiencing problems as well.

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@gray-ham ok, this is highly speculative and i can't confirm 100% for now, but i kinda get the feeling that leaning messes with hitreg. Sadly there's barely a way to reproduce it consistently, besides playing a lot and leaning every corner and trying to get that footage.

Something is just wrong with the hitreg. Look at this:


Earlier i was sniping and BARELY got hit, sadly i didn't clip those. Like... non-moving mid-range targets... not hitting on straight chest.

I feel like the game has 2 different issues atm:

  1. hits not registering on the server despite the client getting clear validation (as in my clip above. blood + headshot sound)
  2. shots just flying through enemies without any validation

How does the hitreg work? Does the server check for hits first and THEN the client shows the hit?

Something is terribly broken. Esp. with snipers i think.

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Yeah, that seemed to clearly be a headshot as well. I wish we had some clarification on when the server gets the information it needs to validate all the moving parts. Whatever the issue is, it's far too common. I'll try to get some more clips, but I'm having more problems with stationary targets than anything else.

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@benz Well, no. Technically you could try testing it by getting in-game with a friend (shit, maybe me later today lol) and having said friend be a bit of a test dummy for bullets and see if the hitreg works or not.

After the last patch I have the same problems and it's like 50% of the times.
I often need like 2 or 3 headshots to kill someone

The issues I have with shots not registering (often despite blood spatters) is far, far more noticable on co-op servers vs local play with bots. Leads me to suspect either it's a server preformance issue or a netcode problem.

@11-11-11 exactly same here. local play feels really good and coop really not.
So it is indeed some sort of netcode thing and not TTK.

I fear that UE4 is just not cut out to this kind of games, I hope I am wrong

@bez the devs can do whatever they want with the engine. They can completely remove UE4 default netcode and implement their own one. UE4 is awesome tbh.

@benz technically you are right but the whole point of using a ready made engine is to save time and cost
so you use it's own systems.

So yes, they could but it would take them allot of time and expertise they might not have (they would need a network programmer who is specialized just in this to write everything from scratch though they might have one I don't know).

UE4 is an awesome engine that is also true but I feel the multiplayer blueprint most devs use is not cut out for this kind of things. And again I hope I am wrong.

All and all before the latest patch it was much better for me so I know it can be better and I trust NWI to give good support

Now that the full release has been delayed till Dec 12, I have hope that this - and other less immediately obvious issues will get the time and attention they need to be resolved. I'm cautiously optimistic that this is reason the release has been rescheduled and look forward to any improvements we may see on this hit detection issue.