Reduce Insurgent cosmetic drops on level up?

I've reached level 26, and all this time every single one of the cosmetic drops I got was the same thing; loose headwraps and T-Shirts for Insurgents. Only 1 Security item, and all of my Security items were obtained with credits.
It's incredibly infuriating when you keep getting the same thing but in a diffrent color for the same faction and at this rate I'll probably have my Security guy look the way I want only at level 50 even if I have so far dedicated all of my credits towards him, and don't even get me started with the Insurgent guy (Slightly over 100 headwraps and shirts, dear god.)
Not to mention how incredibly slow the XP gain gets past level 20.

Maybe make it so that if we have a streak on Insurgent drops on leveling up we get an increase in chance to get Security drops every time we level up and the Insurgent item streak keeps going, and then it resets when we get a Security drop?
Or just change the drop rates for Insurgent and Security stuff?

Honestly when the game releases I'm probably going to spend as much money as I can just buying 100 headwraps to ENSURE that I don't get that shit for leveling.

I have this theory that you can't get duplicates, so buying all the TRASH early with greatly increase the chance the items you get for free will be 900 cost and up.

It's not a theory, as far as I can see you don't get any dupes when you get a level up drop.

Doesn't change the fact that the game is more than likely to give you garbage untill it runs out of said garbage, which is probably around the level 60 mark if you're lucky, higher if not.