It's still unplayable for me

Ur game needs still polishing still doesn't suits to my specs radeon r5 2.45ghz 4gb ddr3 ram I hope you can improve

your computer is just bad, end of.
the game easily uses 4-5GB alone on my system, and an r5 integrated GPU is pretty damn weak, you'll just have to pass on this game or upgrade your computer.

Come on dude it's not integrated but it's dedicated graphics and I have run many AAA titles on that witcher Assasins division GTA5 and so on easily at 40-60 fps at medium settings it's moreover engine fault I think it doesn't support fully on my system I got similar problem with Fortnite too but I was able to run it but I can't get fix for this game but no worries it is still beta so developers I have faith in them

Dude my rig outweighs yours and I'm still having issues. Optimization needs to be a priority.

And i thought my GTX970 has his problems to run it.
So i brought a GTX 1080 Ti these days - you know what - nothing changed!!! 😂
Now i play on LOW LOW LOW settings to get at least 25-40 FPS.

This means that Remo is right - it must be a engine fail.

But anyway, its still on beta and its NWI`s first Unreal-Engine-Game...