Not impressed with a couple of things

This is not criticism, just feedback...

Coop mode.

A couple of things that are quite frustrating, perhaps even game killing.

NPC's can see and kill you through thick smoke, if you cannot see them through the smoke they should not be able to see you.
Random head shot deaths for no reason, you're with a team mate looking for NPC's and suddenly your mates head just explodes, no sound of any shot gone out, there is no one there and yet he was shot in the head, the same thing happens to you, very randomly, in a room with 4 walls around me and the only way in is through a door that i'm watching, on the other side of that door is a road and then a wall, your head randomly explodes, no one there, completely random, there is no way for anyone to shoot you because your looking at the street and the wall opposite the door that the only way into the room is through that door, no one was there, where did the fantastical aim head shot come from?

TTK on some NPC's is excessive, so you're 5 meters away from your enemy, so close its not possible to miss, the NPC is crouched down not moving, you take 3 shots at him hitting him in the chest and realise it was not enough, in panic mode you pull the trigger as many more times as you can, another 3 shots hit his chest, in that time he has seen you and hit you twice killing you, really?

Hit boxes on moving NPC sometimes lag.

Stutter, sometimes the stutter is so bad its unplayable, the frame rates are good, but it stutters all over the place.

GTX 1070
Ryzen 1600
Installed on an SSD
Win 10.

ive got stutter problems too, after the sep 6th update the game seemed to look better and maybe had better FPS but it was hard to tell as the stuttering problem became worse, still i have faith it'll get patched.

i've got

i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz
16gb Ram