Bugs, suggested changes, and map things (extremely image heavy)

I am including everything on my mind that I would like to see fixed or changed. A lot of this stuff NWI is already working on but I am including it for the sake of completion.

  • Sounds on some weapons (especially while spectating) will not play. Weapons on burst fire sometimes sounds like one shot instead of multiple.

  • There may still be a hitreg issue as I have noticed several times where players have had the headshot sound effect play but not die. I have had it happen to me once.

  • Every now and then when I try to vault on something the game camera will move like 90 to 180 degrees from where I was originally looking and the vault will cancel. This will also occur sometime when I intentionally try to cancel the vault.

Youtube Video

  • Sometimes jumping at an angle next to something that you can vault will have the character vault in parallel with the thing.

  • Please polish prone more. Right now depending on the ground the player can be floating above or into the ground. The feet can also end up going through walls. Having a system similar to Insurgency Source would be a start. (Turning left or right does not move the feet. You would have to move to straiten your feet out.)

  • Allow players to stay on a server multiple games instead of being put back into matchmaking. Matchmaking has put me into games that were already finished by the time I loaded into the game.

  • Increase the length of time for a match to start in versus and allow players to spawn in a couple of seconds after a round starts. Right now players can barely load in.

  • The ping to the server has a lot of jitter. I would say that the connection is okay but could be way better.

  • Bullet penetration feels like it should be higher for thin aluminum/steel surfaces. Example:


  • Please allow a way to disable specific prompts like vaulting.

  • Remove the ammo/mag count when switching a weapon. Change key to check ammo to a dedicated key. Tapping the key will have the character look to check if there is a mag there and holding the key will work as holding R down does currently.

  • Spectating a player in 3rd person is not smooth most of the time.

  • Move 3rd person spectator camera to be centered around the head instead of the waist.

  • RPK and M214 are too stable while spraying in general. When using the bipod theses guns are effectively full auto snipers and are effective even at really long range.

  • Allow for players to separate the vault and jump actions with two different keys. Too many times I have vaulted when I wanted to jump.

  • Allow for loadouts to be configured via the main menu. Also include what each class is in what mode.

  • Sliding and jumping after can cause a speed boost.

  • Sometimes the game will aim down sight after the button was pressed during a period when it was not possible. (Think at the start of a round.)

  • Tabbing in and out of the game puts the character into a walk.

  • Implement a volume control and muting system while holding down tab in game. Also show who is talking in game.

  • In comp, implement a confirmation button before starting a match to make sure that all players are ready.

  • Sometimes the comp matchmaking system will only put 9 players into a match or place players into a game who are not longer queuing.

  • Allows for parties in excess of 8 players.

  • Implement a way to share loadouts via string that can be copy pasted into the game.

  • Change the chat box to include the chat history (actually use the scrollbar).

  • Change repeated messages such as friendly fire to spam chat.

  • Disable friendly fire during the period before a match starts.

  • (At medium shadow) The shadows for some guns flicker.

  • You do not see your own shadow in the game.

  • The bipod sometimes deploys on other players at the start of a round.

  • The AK is able to be seen through the chamber side of it.

  • Sometimes when characters are dead their radio will be floating.

  • Please add in a mini-campaign or boot camp that teaches the mechanics of the game and how each game mode is played.

  • Running next to players sometimes causes the movement to be extremely jerky or push the player up to 90 degrees from the direction they are trying to run.

  • Remove objective markers while aiming down sight or looking directly at it. (It blocks enemies that could be there.)

  • Players that bump into another player that is reloading can cause the reload to be interrupted.

  • The amount of exp given between Coop, Versus, and Comp feel like too much, just right, and too little. Difficulty in coop should be taken into consideration.

  • Add objective zones and restricted zones to the map.

  • Add descriptions to each setting that explain what they are for. (Bonus points for images or short animation demonstrating the difference.)

  • Change the maps to be oriented as North is up.

  • This doesn't really bother but except that I keep hearing it. Characters look like plastic and facial hair looks really fake. Please improve it.

  • While spectating, allow the ability to click on players via the map to switch to them.

  • The terrain changes on this map:

1_1536410524337_20180908050459_2.jpg 0_1536410524337_20180908050459_1.jpg

  • Sometimes the LOD is way too low. Here is the most extreme example:


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  • TOZ shotgun doesn't make pew pew noises
  • For a single frame this vest was above this player that I killed
  • A player was able to get mines into firefight (maybe through loadouts?)
  • Game lighting is inconsistent
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