Possible stuttering fix for Windows 10

There is a bug in Windows 10 (creators update) that does not allow standby memory to free up, making use of the pagefile instead of available memory. This can cause stutters on games and has been mentioned by Battlefield 1 players. To read more about it:

Instead of the .exe there is a .bat script that creates a scheduled task to clean standby memory, you can find the script here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/9e1yy4/when_will_the_free_memory_bug_bug_be_fixed/

I've been testing it and I think it seems to be working for now but can't say for sure.
The 1 sec stutter when an objective is captured is still there though.

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How much ram are you testing with?

Only game I get stutters in are this one

@kraeyq said in Possible stuttering fix for Windows 10:

How much ram are you testing with?

I have 16gb. The .bat can be edited to trigger on different time intervals and memory size.