sound exploit (sort of)

I was playing competitive summit and there was guy trying to cap B.
i was outside on the balcony with no idea which room he was in.
All I did was burst fire through the walls/doors into the normal camping corners. once i hit him and heard his character scream "AHHH SHIT!!" (something like that), I knew exactly where he was.
maybe it doesn't matter for non-competitive, but for comp the screaming should be removed all together and if you want ques for 'last man standing' etc, just display text on the screen.

This should be removed in time. You shouldn't be able to hear the enemy screaming various things without the player's control.

Nah. I think it should stay, but only if you get hit, and even then only pain sounds like "Shit!" "Aaaagh!" "I'm hit!" Not whole sentences.

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Honestly, I am not 100% against it if there is no random element to it. The usefulness has to feel non-gamey though, so how people react IRL is really important. As a person sitting at the computer it is easy to control yourself, but I wonder how it is for a person facing a barrel.

  1. Solo flank objective to ambush enemy reinforcements
  2. Throw IED in a bush
  3. My guy starts screaming "OK GET BACK I'M PLANTING EXPLOSIVES!"
  4. Get shot immediately, die


IMO those extra dialogues like "enemy taking x" "planting explosive" etc should be only heard by team mates but if someone hits you it should be heard by everyone for
competitive mode

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