After playing over 2k hours in INS2, and having actually fired almost all the weapons in real life in the game, I gotta say you use the aiming and recoil down almost perfectly. Along with the suppression effects, I feel like all the added realism, including all the Bullet penetration added to the game, gives it such an amazing realistic feel to it. If you guys can go back and fix the damaged models to be more realistic to they're real life counterparts so heavy armor can be viable again. It would be greatly appreciated, and I know a lot of players are enjoying it. I only ask you 1 thing, please make the car doors more bangable in the next patch. Not the engine block, make that still only penetratable with the larger calibers and mounted guns, but please for the love of God make the doors bangable. I can shoot through trees but not car doors isn't cool. Breaks the immersion.