Movement feels too fast

Not only is the movement faster in Sandstorm but theres no momentum stop when you get shot, similar to the original insurgency. I didnt think much of it at first but as I play more, im seeing a lot more people just sprinting around at maximum speed, its a bit too fast and it feels like Call of Duty multiplayer where everyone sprints until they see a guy most of the time.

I also think low weight vs high weight doesnt have much speed difference and theres not really a reason to be lightweight.

In more ways than 1 this game is feeling more like a COD or BF title than Insurgency.
It's very disappointing.

I think they should make it to the point where the amount of equipment you have should determine your speed and mobility. Such as wearing heavy armour will cripple your mobility to the point where you can't slide. Put in perspective, A Insurgent carrying a PKM, Heavy armour, and a heavy carrier, Runs just as fast and quick as a guy wearing No armour, No Primary Weapon, Just a pistol and a ammo vest.

Me and a few friends were thinking the same thing pertaining to movement speed. Sprint seems a little too fast still. I do like the idea of movement speed being linked to weight of carried objects.


I loved (still love?) COD4, BF2, and BF3, and a game feeling like those would not be a disappointment for me. In fact, the last Insurgency might have been the only game in the last 5+ years to capture what made COD4 a great shooter, while even having other improvements to make it its own game.

But I also strongly agree that there are improvements to be made to gameplay in Sandstorm, as it does not yet feel as good as the above, let alone the previous Insurgency. I agree that the sprint speed is slightly too fast here (at least for some loadouts). There may also be some potential in adding more slow and flinch upon getting hit to improve gameplay as well.

It seems a lot of people are misremembering Insurgency 2. You could run really fast in that game if your weight was low.

The locomotion system is out of wack.
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According to Akh Prevent: "
Insurgency has a mechanic where if you shoot close to someone and suppress them, they start running really slow so it makes it much easier to hit someone.

In Sandstorm you don’t slow down when you’re shot at, so the person has to actually hit you. And depending on the weapon and armor and stuff, maybe a few times. "

So yeah, the game has been sped up, in the sense they took out the slowdown you get from being suppressed and (I have been to busy to check) they might have given everyone too much acceleration.