Please stop taking back cosmetics

We start with shit white shirts that'll get you spotted across the map, work our way up to get something that can count as a proper camo, next update that top gets removed for some reason, with no refund, your top is now invisible, and you're level 20+ and need hours to get 100 tokens. Just stop. That's not viable and very poorly executed. That happened 3 times in a row for me. I really hope that after the wipe, there won't be any removal of that kind, and if there's no wipe, there better be at least a refund, because holy shit the time it takes to get there.

It is a beta, not full release. There are no good options, but I think a fresh start at release is a priority.

afaik they already said your coins etc would be reset on launch. hopefully cosmetic items will not get removed/broken after that.