Blurry aimpoints

Hi !
To make things clear right now : it's not a bug. The game is currently designed like this.
I just wonder why the Kobra and Holo aimpoints look so fuzzy & poorly detailed compared to the red dot and the OKP-7. Especially the holographic aimpoint, which makes aiming harder than with iron sights since the bleeding light covers way too large of an area to actually see your target. The Kobra suffers from the same bleeding effect yet in a way less dramatic extent.

Will it be fixed, or is it a feature ?...

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@grumf Tbh I think it's a feature because NWI wanted to be realistic. From the real-life optics I've seen over the internet, they seem to look much clearer than they are in the game.

I also feel that a fuzzy reticle looks like shit, even if it is realistic. I'd like to have clear, non-fuzzy optics like other games, like Rainbow Six or Battlefield, where you can make your reticle green if you want. Imo too much realism not fun

I have moved to the kobra sight because the other sites aren't clear and block the target.

Yeah, same. The Kobra suffers a tad from the problem, but it's nothing to worry about, really.
The eotech sight, on the other hand, just feels broken. Can't use that to aim at a target that is more than 10 meters away.

Again, please, take into consideration how REAL aimpoints look like, devs. It's supposed to be easier and more confortable to use than iron sights.

Here're two more examples :
Youtube Video – [15:16..]

alt text

Compared to ingame holosight :
alt text

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The red dot reticle is fine, but the optic itself is too obstructive for me to use. I end up using iron sights on a lot of guns unless they have the OKP available.

Me too, mate. Me too. I still use the red dot, though. Still higher visibility than some iron sights. Some.

Holosight feels either broken, or like the brightness is very badly tweaked.

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Speaking of reflex sights, you'd be looking at them with both eyes open. I already made a post about this earlier. You would barely notice the chassis of the sight given that your binocular vision would basically blur it out and you would only see the sight suspended in the air.

They should make the scope chassis transparent or at least more transparent. Like this...


@thehappybub I've actually been wanting the devs to add a depth-of-field effect to most sights. Even if they don't want to take the sight body out of focus completely, it'd make for a more comfortable aiming experience.

And a DOF effect on iron sights would make them a lot more viable.

Indeed. It would be way more realistic. Some M16 aperture sights are a pain to aim with. Whereas in real life it looks okay and almost transparent.

America's Army did this well, now that I think of it.

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Yea then there wouldn't be need for all the mods that will make the sight circle larger to increase sight picture.

Agreed. Most stuff in the game look pretty ugly rn.

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@pieck I think the overall graphics are pretty fire. Maps are always something that can be added or changed anyway.

Yeah, graphics are cool. Weapon models are incredible too. The only thing I don't find beautiful are some aimpoints, such as the holosight, player models (which will be redone anyway) and hair/facial hair that really look like badly glued fake mustaches.

The rest is pretty decent, if not awesome.

Now that I think of it, the 1.5x insurgents' scope really is perfect, and I believe the holosight should look identical (in its own design of course) to it. Just look at that :

alt text

This is how realistic aimpoints/sights should look like.

Yah, the fuzziness of the EoTech is realistic, but not the thickness. It needs to be thinner and crisper for sure. The photo @Grumf posted above of a real EoTech reticle is perfect. The Aimpoint I don't think is too far off, the real ones I've used haven't been crisp perfect circles, but I've also not used a CompM4 model in real life.

Please don't make them look like the R6 Siege reticles, those don't look even remotely real.


Please don't make them look like the R6 Siege reticles, those don't look even remotely real.

I doubt they will make them that arcadey ^^
But seriously, devs. Don't.

I personally use this mod in Ins2, that replaces vanilla holosight with Arma 2 one :
I think this is something to be inspired from.

And here's another example of an magnified eotech reticle :
alt text

You can really see how clear and sharp it is, despite the noticeable fuzzyness of the reticle. When brightness is properly adjusted, that is.

Source :

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@lucjocwhite honestly they just need to make it have more pixels and it would look fine rn you can see the individual pixels


More pixels ? What do you mean ?
It's not the problem, really. The thing is that the light bleeds way more than it should compared to a real one.

Even the kobra and aimpoint are too fuzzy.

Just another pic of a real EoTech 552 :
alt text

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