Are there Server problems at the moment? Huge random FPS drops in the last 2-3 hours

So I just had to stop playing the game because it's literally unplayable. Well, I could play it but it'd be so frustrating and rage inducing.

In the last 1-3 hours there are extreme FPS Drops. And I mean EXTREME. From over 60 FPS down to 10-25fps. They occur very randomly. You can't really pin it down to something. Just now I played with a friend from France but he said he didn't have these problems. But like 3-4 guys in the game itself reported they're experiencing the exact same thing as me.
I myself am from Switzerland. But my internet works without problems, I have optic fiber and a 300mbit connection.

Is there any info from the Devs or something if there are known problems at the moment? Earlier today I didn't have these problems. They just popped up out of nowhere.

What I tried:

  • Restarting the game
  • Restarting the PC
  • Changing the setting from Very High to High and Low, disabling everything, just trying to maybe hit the sweet spot. But it didn't affect the FPS drops at all! So my last guess is it's the servers itself or the connection of the servers I don't know...


It is now unplayable for me as well again 😞 was running great all day yesterday but now getting drops from 80fps down to 5fps! game is a freeze fest again for me, what the hell has happened?

I've played between 1:10-2:30 PM CEST on EU servers (stopped about 15 minutes ago) and the game was buttery smooth, almost always between 100-120 FPS except on the last round which have started around 2:15 PM.

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