hit reg still glitchy

Having real problems with hit reg sometime, one hit is good, and other times you can empty a whole clip and they dont go down.

its very hit and miss?

I don't believe you. Show me a video of a whole clip (on target...not just spray) and I'll change my mind. Exaggerating, like saying "a whole clip" doesn't help the bug report at all.

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Now I wish I'd have recorded all the times post Sep 6th patch where bots ate a bolt-action sniper rifle headshot before dying on a SECOND headshot, or no armor bots eating up to 3 bolt-action bodyshots before dropping. Infact I had that happen yesterday atleast 3 times.

I think it's mostly an issue with bolt-actions at the moment though, haven't seen any hitreg problems on any other guns.

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wish I recorded it, but had a few teammates spectating, the bot was crouched and I emptied the end of my m4 round into him, nothing happened so I changed to pistol and emptied the whole clip, he shot me once I died.

not clever

It's much better since the 9/6 patch, but still there. I have one hit heavy armored guys in the torso with sniper rifles since that update and it felt really good. Had a couple of servers that ran like a dream and today it seems to be slipping back. Have had center mass and head shots not registering today. Yesterday I ran sniper all day and it was glorious. 90/100 hits registered.

yup, hitting someone 13 times and having them shoot you clean in the head isn't fun. It happens a lot less after the patch but it still happens and it's infuriating.

I made a thread about it in Technical. It's still an issue.