I just played Push on the map Crossing.
When we advanced and took A I wanted to get to B.
After crossing the river, there is a big rock formation on the left of the 'big house'.
I climbed up there, because you can and it is a great sniper & lookout position, and wanted to just walk down the other side of the rock formation after checking my surroundings and everything was clear.
But no, - just in the very middle of the rock formation on the top there is an invisible wall. The funny thing is the wall only counts for the person/character but not for bullets. So while I was trying to figure out if there maybe was a "hole" in that wall I got shot by a sniper...

Would you please remove those invisible walls on top of these rock formations? What's the point of having them if you can climb up there, set up a sniper position but can't get down on the other side? It was pretty annoying when I had to find this out the hard way.


Kind Regards