Adjust EXP gains across gamemodes.

As I see it, the gamemode that gives out the most EXP is Co-op, and the less EXP giving one is Competitive. Shouldn't this be swapped around?
It seems like more exp is given out according to the match time, but there are no multipliers between gamemodes. In Competitive the stakes are much higher, while in Co-op there are no stakes at all.

How about make them equal instead of catering only for comp?

As a start, the points ought to be weighed so that the game rewards on average the same amount of points per hours played in all different modes. This should include average queue time :).

This could be adjusted to encourage people to play the less popular game mode, so that all game modes are readily available to the players. Since very few play competitive mode, I would make it so that on average you earn 50%-100% more XP per hour compared to the other modes.

The problem that I see with giving exp based on play time is that there is going to be that one guy who makes a server specifically to idle exp.

The problem with coop is there is going to be that one server that has bots only with knives for farming score.

Ah no I am not talking about XP for play time, and I don't think OP does neither.

Basically we are asking for something like the system CSGO that has.

As an example:
In game modes where people on average get 2 kills/minute, each kill is worth 10 XP.
In game modes where people on average get 1 kill/minute, each kill is worth 20 XP.

The idea is that no game mode should be optimal for farming XP. Some might be a bit better if you are a killing machine, some might be a bit worse if you are the meat shield guy :).

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