Sniper Scopes Zero?

I was playing and I was having issues with hitting targets at mid range with the hunting scope on the SVD. I know some will say I'm just trash, but I want to see if you guys either had a zeroing option or if there was a legit issue.

I don't think there's zeroing since there isn't bullet drop in this game as far as I know. And I haven't been getting issues with scopes either, but the way the game is now you can't trust only one person to tell you what's bugged or not. But maybe you're also just missing.

@dootybooty there is bullet drop starting from 100m

You can trust me to tell you to put a laser sight on your gun, and trust the laser indicator MORE than the center of your scope... (most scopes will put a bullet BELOW the you will always hit chest armor when aiming for the head, etc)

They're fixing them...slowly. The holo and now 1.5 PKA are now pretty accurate, but NONE of the scopes are perfectly zeroed