Being able to see your magazine count when reloading.

I have concluded that I am NOT a fan of this feature. Being able to see the amount of ammo in your magazine every time you reload is a step backwards from the minimalistic and authentic HUD in Insurgency2014. That was one of the core features of Insurgency2014 that made it unique from other shooters.

Everyone having such limited information through the HUD leads to immersive, tense gameplay, and you are punished if you don't keep count of your current ammo count because you may find you only have 5 bullets in a mag. Brutal and authentic.

I want the bullets in the magazine count to be removed when reloading, but the feature to check ammo through holding the F key should be expanded upon, and give you all the details of your ammo count when activated.

What do you mean by "authentic" ?

If realism is what you're going for, it's very easy to tell how full a mag is just by weight when reloading. It is, however, quite difficult to get an exact count of how many rounds are left in a magazine in any circumstance without close examination.

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@sirpenetrator This is interesting.

I understand what you mean though with your OP.
I also would bet that every Navy Seal and or trained Military Operative will count his bullets by listening/memorizing how much he shot his gun and probably by the weight of it (or the weight of the mag by pulling it out real quick).
But I'm pretty sure they're learning with that kind of stuff I posted above^
If not probably using it in real combat, it always can be handy to just quickly look at your mag and have an estimate of how many rounds you have left approx.

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