Please add bots to versus gamemodes

Will we see bots in game modes like push, firefight, and skirmish?

It would be cool if the commander or other soldier cold send some bots to attack the enemy in a multiplayer game!
For example: The commander could mark 3 points in the map and A.I. soldiers to help! Mixing bots with real player could increase the action in the game!

We need a map editor for this game.

I want to spawn 60 bots and record them fighting each other.

Once we get a map editor , I think the modding community will create new vehicles such as tanks.

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+1 I want to play around with bots and AI modding on local play!

Does anyone know how often NWI reads these threads?

@nick-kim Play ArmA 3 if you haven't, that's exactly what you can do out of the box ahah. Endless hours making custom bot scenarios.

I have wanted to play Arma for that reason as I think its cool you can make your own missions, but can you make your own death matches though?

@bluemanwelder Yes. Your 'Mission' could literally be 100 bots fighting for no reason in a field while your in the thick of it, although the 'Mission' wouldn't end unless you implemented an end trigger inside of the ediot.

Anyway, this isn't an ARMA thread so I'll stop it here.

And now for something INS:S related... (so I this post isn't non-related) Decrease crouch recoil bonus, decrease the time it takes for the crouch recoil bonus to take effect, further decrease movement acceleration especially if you have equipped lots of weight. Peace, I'm out.

they did confirm custom games for the delay so hope for bots.

I really want see those bots on unreal 4.2

I really don't want games to be lost because bots of terrible skill waste spawn waves. Keep it in local play or coop.

@bluemanwelder said in Please add bots to versus gamemodes:

@biass what about custom games?

Sure, if the host wants to set that option he should be able to, but in a regular server I think it should just be players.